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Everyday Sun gives us endless source of energy. Energy to power the whole of our earth for one year if harnessed for one hour.
On the other hand conventional energy is fast depleting with energy demand rising exponentially. Only way to address this dichotomy is by harnessing more of Sun’s energy. Proper utilization of Sun’s energy can completely replace other source of energy.

For the last two decades SOLAR ENERGY has made an increasingly powerful force in the energy arena.
And how is it possible?
By means of Solar panels.
Solar panel collects solar radiation from the sun and actively converts that energy to electricity. Solar cells on panels utilize the quanta of energy when sun’s rays hit the solar cells.

Solar panels have the ability to meet all of our energy needs but at present we only use a tiny fraction that the sun has to offer.
Now that we have harnessed the Sun’s energy, Green Synergy provides a better efficiency by incorporating the LED light.
Solar LED lighting is one of the easiest ways to increase energy savings.
About Us

Hello everybody,

This is Vinod & Shekar here we proudly present you Green Synergy. A synergy that we strongly believe had come into existence ever since we became friends.

Though we had identified ourselves as average guys in school, our thoughts were concrete.

Today it is that thought that has made possible to provide you reliable energy products synerged with nature, through GREEN SYNERGY.